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Copper Eliminator Bore Cleaning Rods

To help with choosing the correct length of rod to use with your rifle please visit our Sizing Page.

For the serious shooter J. Dewey created the Copper Elimnator cleaning rods, brushes, jags, and adapters. When cleaning the copper fouling from your bore you need to be able to run your final patch through it and have the patch come out without that tell tale blue/green tint which signifies that there is still copper fouling in the bore. Since both brass and bronze contain copper the use of anything made from those materials can give a "false positive" for copper in the bore. Copper Eliminator cleaning tools are made from aluminum so you can be sure that all of the accuracy robbing copper has been removed from the lands and grooves of your rifling.


All Copper Eliminator, Nylon Coated, and Stainless Steel cleaning rods include a Protective Plastic Tube ($2.00 value) at no extra charge:

*An important message from J. Dewey Manufacturing: "TM solution by Sinclair International and Montana X-Treme Solutions has been found to attack the nylon coating of our coated rods. We strongly recommend not using these solutions with our coated rods. If you plan on using these cleaners, please use the brass or stainless steel rods.  Thank you."

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